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About US

Welcome to Handy Cloud, a platform where you can find valuable hand craft products from four corners of the earth at your doorstep. Handy Cloud has started its journey in 2014.

After several years of experience in our local market, now we are planning to export our handmade products to worldwide.

Since the very first day of our establishment we had a vision of serving our customers with premium quality products. We follow ethical guidelines while making our products and make sure our employees have the best environment to work in.

Our Commitment

We are committed to ensure that we do not employ child labor in our factories, no workers are forced to work and employees are paid living wages. No discrimination is practices, working environment is safe and hygienic and regular employment is provided.

We pay fair wages, create a good working environment and our production process is environmentally friendly. We support our workers in educating their children, initiate sport programs and contribute to their healthcare.

Our Values

People must be respected. Every human being — whether supplier or employee. Respect, honesty and devotion to work are our main values.

Our main objective is to create employment. For this reason, we do not evaluate the business with the amount of money we sold the product. We see how many people got jobs.

Our Goal

We are committed to produce large scale of high quality handmade products and create an international market of handmade products in Bangladesh.

To foster craft items in Bangladesh by revamping the competence of rural crafters, Handy Cloud, the organization with the dream of impactful change making for socio-economic development, endeavours the new era of producing & exporting basketry products of Jute and Sea Grass, along with terracotta items and other aesthetic products.

Here we also work on different types of ornamented items such as container boxes, laundromat bins, fruit baskets, nursery vases, jewelry boxes, various types of bags, handicrafts, etc. Besides, we also emphasize women empowerment & employability for all to achieve financial freedom & comfortable life.

Here we upskill with extensive practical crafting tactics to produce world class craft products with quality assurance as per the emerging demand & global trends.

The Best Quality
Hand Craft Product

Our plan of action is to create a bridge between near to extinction artwork and modern-day artists. With the principal objective of launching a fair price platform for artists who have very restrained or no access to any market.

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Our Mission

The finesse of converting stones into sanctity, leaves, flowers, and wood to colors and woven textures, scrap to something meaningful, must be known globally. We strive for tutoring these craftsmen skill into the hands of youth before they are long forgotten or near to extinction.

Handy cloud also envisions to preserve the ancient techniques and skills by educating the young generation from the hand of the skilled artists. We want to raise awareness through workshops, exhibitions, and seminars at the local and international levels.

Extraordinary Experiences

Handy cloud carry the cultural, political, and religious significance, emphasizing the contrast of generations. Buy Bangladeshi Hand craft product , we are selling authentic handmade crafts, including Textile, Wood, Paper, Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Beadwork, Leather, Hardstone carving, paintings, and much more. The histography of crafts is a scoop of mankind’s engagement with nature.

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